Organizer: Company ProAktiv SPORT d.o.o., Pot na Breg 11, 5250 SOLKAN VAT No: SI96110210, acts as We/organizer.

Client: is any person who has made a valid reservation or made a purchase and payment for services to ProAktiv SPORT d.o.o. and are referred to in these General Terms and Conditions.

Any activity can be executed after the payment of the whole price a state later in this document.

The meeting place is in front of the reception 15 minutes before the booked date and hour (the address Pot na Breg 11, 5250 SOLKAN).

In case of the participant’s delay, we are not obliged to provide an alternative date and hour for the execution of the selected program.

Prior the execution of the activity, the participants of the activity must be familiar with the basic security rules and conditions of participation. Therefore, they should read the written Rules of conduct and sign a form to confirm that they are aware of the risk. For minors, the statement must be signed by the parent or guardian. Without a signed statement, participation in the selected program is not possible.

1. The prices

The prices in vigor are published on our website and are the correct one. The organizer reserves all the rights to amend the prices during the year. Accordingly, the prices will be refreshed on-line. Once a contract will come into existence, the price will not change. The price is payable in accordance with the booking procedures find on-line or via e-mail. Any surcharges will be charged in accordance with the service requested provided in the service provider’s terms.

2. Booking procedure

The booking can be made in various ways:

  • through the online booking form
  • by sending an inquiry by e-email
  • by calling us on our the telephone number.

The organizer will send you a confirmation mail with all the procedures and terms to complete the booking. The booking will be valid as soon as you will returned the signed forms and a downpayment will be done (in accordance with our terms). The form include all the necessary details such us: full name, email, selected activity and dates, name and number of all people included in reservation, height and weight of everyone, and any pre-existing conditions which may affect anyone’s ability to participate in the activity.

The same booking and payment procedure will be applied for the gift voucher. As soon as the payment will be effected, we will send you the Voucher by mail.

3. Payment

All the payment procedure will be send you via e-mail. The booking will be in valid as soon as you pay a downpayment (40% of the whole price) and send us back the signed form. The rest of the payment should be paid on arrival. If a downpayment will not be executed to the due date, the organizer reserves the rights to treat you booking as a cancellation and you will lose your spot. Cancellation charges will be applied, if you cancel a booking already approved. We advise you to ensure you have an appropriate travel insurance policy.

4. Cancellation by us

The organizier may cancel a chosen activity at any time prior to the arrival if external events outside our control happened. Such events include: natural disasters, park closure for safety reason, or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel your activity two options are possible:

  • a refund will be made
  • a transfer of the paid amount on for an another date.

We are responsible just for the expenses due to our services. We are not responsible for any incidental expenses that you may have as a result of your booking, those include lodging, transportation, and travel insurance.

You are strongly advised to take out personal travel insurance at the time of booking which will cover non-refundable payments.

5. Cancellation by you

All services are required a downpayment (no exception). For services that include outside providers a total amount should be paye prior arrival.
You may cancel you trip or activity at any time. However, the organizer reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. The fees are as follows:

  • 1 days or less prior to the activity: 100% cancellation fee.
  • 2 day prior to the activity: 40% cancellation fee.
  • 3 or more days prior to the activity: 15 % cancellation fee (administrative cost).

In case of canceled services, the subscriber must send an email to The cancellation date is the date of receipt of the email. The refund will appear on the credit card used to make the reservation or to a PayPal account within 10 days of confirmation of cancellation.

6. Exclusions

The price of your ticket does not include: transportation to or from your home to Soča fun park, pre and post tour accommodation, pre and post tour meals, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, personal travel/trip insurance, guide tips, and personal items.

7. Assumption of risk

While safety is our constant concern, all clients are at all times participating solely at their own risk. Your participation in the activities means your explicit acknowledgment and acceptance of these risks and your own personal responsibility for the safety and well-being of yourself, your minor children, and your personal property.

8. Complaints and claims

If you have a complaint about our services please inform your guide/instructor immediately in order that they can attempt to rectify the matter. If satisfaction is not reached through these means then any further complaint should be put on paper to the director within seven days of the end of the tour.

9. Photography/written communication release

By participating to our programs, you are agreeing to allow the use of your photographed/videotaped image or written communications to appear on our website, Facebook page, email marketing, print literature, or any other type of advertising or promotion without notification or compensation.

10. Gift voucher-validity

All the gift vouchers are issued for a certain activity (fixed value) and have the validity of one (1) year from the date of purchase (declared on the voucher).

If case that the voucher expires, it can be extended for an additional fee directly at the activity provider. The fees are:

  • for the voucher old over a year from the released date, the calculated fee is 15% of the value
  • for voucher old from a year up to two year from the issued date, a fee of 25% is calculated.

The gift certificate expires in the following cases:

  • vouchers released over 2 years ago
  • if the voucher was used for a booking confirmation in which the participants did not attended activity
  • in case that the voucher was already accepted, but the participant changed its mind right before the activity.

In any case, there is no money refund for the voucher.