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Sports days

Soča Fun Park has everything needed to competently host your sports day and offer teens a new take on recreation, socialising and fun.

Exhilarating activities in the Adventure Park with qualified instructors and certified equipment
Additional sports games (races, slackline, slingshot competition etc.)
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Sports day

Groups exceeding 30 people will be divided into smaller teams (two or three, depending on the number of people) that will be working together. A specific activity is allocated 1 hour and 30 minutes, and then the teams switch places.

Organising Fun relay race games on the meadow in front of the Solkan Kajak Centre.

A slingshot competition or slackline competition on the course. Optional with additional payment: rafting or kayaking on calm water and scenic tour of both Solkan bridges, the banks of the Soča River and the riverside flora and fauna.

Activities in the Adventure Park under the supervision of instructors to test your skills high among the tree tops. The ropes course is set up on a height of 2 to 10 metres above the ground. The adventure is wrapped up with the Descent of Courage, which entails soaring across the river over a 300-metre-long zipline 40 metres in the air.


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5€ / person

Retracing the Isonzo Front hike

The hike will take you up to Mt Sabotin (Italian name: Monte Sabotino) which is a 609-metre-high hill perched over Nova Gorica and Solkan. The famous Solkan Bridge spanning the Soča River was built at its foot. Mt Sabotin is most noteworthy for the transnational road towards the Slovenian region of Goriška Brda, which partly crosses into Italian territory. At the start of the Isonzo Front, Mt Sabotin was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian defenders, only to fall into the hands of the Italian army in August 1916 as it marched into Gorica. There are a number of material remains and stories from this period, which we will get to know in the course of the hike.

Sports day organisation includes

  Gathering at the bus turnaround station in Solkan, next to the bridge towards Goriška Brda; short presentation of the itinerary
  Guided hike up to St Valentine’s Church and along the ridge to Mt Sabotin
  Arrival on Mt Sabotin, guided tour of the mini museum, caverns and presentation of the history of this area during the Great War
  Return to the Solkan bus turnaround station
  Duration: 5 hours
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School's Out

As a way to celebrate the end of the school year, we have prepared a special way for kids and parents to have fun and get active.