The meeting point is in next to the BAR in Kayak Canoe Centre Solkan, at the address; Pot na Breg 11, 5250 SOLKAN.
Parking is provided on the gravel parking lot of the Solkan Kayak Center at Pot na Breg 11, 5250 SOLKAN (
We bring you to the adventure park with a dinghy - a raft on a quiet part of the Soča River. In case of high water level, we direct you to the path that leads to the park.
It takes 1.5 - 2 hours to deal with the obstacles in the park. If you wish to continue, an additional charge of 5 € is required for each additional hour of adventure.
Activities takes place outdoors and in various weather conditions. The participants need to adjust their clothes and shoes accordingly. In case of a storm, the activity is postponed or canceled.
Pregnant women, people with a heart condition and those with spine, shoulder or limb injuries are advised not to participate. People who have allergies or diabetes should bring along their prescription medicine. Those who are not sure about their medical condition are advised to consult a doctor before attending. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not allowed to participate in the trip.
The adventure park is divided into children and adults part. In the part dedicated to the children, the recommended age is 5 years. the rest recommended age is at least 9 years. There is a mandatory active monitoring of an adult person for adolescents up to 15 years of age. The Zip line descent is limited to a minimum of 9 years and a weight of 25 kg.
There are no restrictions on obstacles in the adventure park. On the Zip line the maximum weight is 125 kg zip line.
You do not need any prior knowledge before attending the Soča fun park. You only need some basic fitness, because the activity also requires some physical effort in overcoming obstacles.
The participant needs appropriate footwear and weather-appropriate sportswear. Prior to training for a safe adventure, each participant receives a set of safety umbilical cord, carabiners and a pulley to perform zip line descents. Participant safety equipment is from a recognized PETZL manufacturer and tested to European standards.
If the weather condition are appropriate, the adventure park could be visited any day of the year. Thgouh, in winter time, we accept just groups of minimum 8 people. You can check the availability under the button »book now« or you can mail us/call us directly.
Yes! We always reccomend booking before visiting the adventure park. For safety reasons, there is a limitation in the number of visitors at once. So, we cannot guarantee you, that if you pop up, we can escort you into the park. You will have to wait or reschedule the visit. Be sure to book in advance in order to get the hour desired.
You are welcome to bring a camera with you. Filming during activitiy however, is only allowed if the camera is attached. Other gadgets must be kept in pockets or stored in guide’s backpack. The organizer accepts no responsibility for the damage!
Pets in the park are not prohibited provided they are on a leash and do not endanger other visitors. Dogs of lower growth, which users constantly hold on their hands, can be drive to the park with a raft, larger dogs have to walk to the park, using a longer way.