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Laser tag

Laser tag is a fast-paced adrenaline game with a realistic feel, focused on teamwork to achieve the specific objective. Each player gets a gun shooting infrared rays, and sensor-studded headband for each player to wear during the game. If a player gets hit, the headband will light up and sound an audible alert. Electronic replicas are highly programmable in terms of the ammunition quantity, firing method, firing range etc. to make the game more exciting. At the end of each game, players have the chance to see their overall personal score, including the number of shots, hits, sniping precision, kill and injury count, as well as the player’s and team’s overall rating. The game is suitable for families and groups of teens or adults.

2-hour action-packed fun in the Soča Fun Park
Equipment rental (laser gun replica, sensor headband, suit)
Trained staff present
Game analysis and statistics
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Please note

  Attractive and dynamic game for all age groups    
100% fun   
No fraud in detecting a hit since is electroncally detected   
No ammunition-related injuries (bruises, eye, tooth, etc.)
Suitable for every pocket  
Maximum no. of players 12 - simultanously
Possibility to use the picnic area free of charge