The Soča Fun Park was designed to cater to adventure junkies and thrill-seekers. Join us on an unforgettable ride below the thick canopies on the banks of the emerald Soča River.

Just a few kilometres from the centre of Nova Gorica, the Soča River curves through the woodland like a band of emerald green silk. Next to it is where the Soča Fun Park was set up under the cover of lush trees. It was designed primarily for visitors seeking action-packed fun and adrenaline rushes. The recreation-oriented activities are suitable for young visitors and old looking for an unforgettable thrill. The adventure is kicked off by crossing the Soča River over the cycler bridge and continues by overcoming the orange, yellow,  green, blue and red activity courses set up in the park. Wrap up the adventure in true Indiana Jones style by ziplining down two 300-metre cables spanning the Soča River, gliding through the air 40 metres above the ground. This Descent of Courage will surely get your blood pumping.


Safety and Terms of Use

The Adventure park in Solkan has been built in accordance with the relevant standards EN 15567-1 and 15567-2, and as such provides a 100% safety to all visitors. 

Our specially trained instructors will take care of your safety.

Visitors younger than 15 need to be attended by an adult. An adult can assist maximum 3 younger users at a time.

Guests are advised to wear athletic clothing and shoes. No prior experience or skills are necessary.