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Two Goricas, two countries

With this itinerary, you will get to know the cultural heritage of the border region encompassing the village of Solkan and the two border towns, Nova Gorica in Slovenia and Gorizia in Italy. Right on the border, you will visit the Europe Square, which was built to symbolise the unification of both towns, and the museum exhibition “State Border in Goriška Region 1945–2004”. The trip will be wrapped up at the castle in Gorizia with a presentation of medieval life, demonstration of the knights’ dressing ritual and finally with a chivalric tournament for the hand of the young mistress of the castle, whilst clad in medieval garb.

Welcome drink
Soča Fun Park adventure
Lunch in a nearby restaurant
Places of historical interest in the border region

Designed for groups or as a team building, the program is a combination of challenges for overcoming obstacles at the adventure park Soča Fun Park and a tour to discover the history and culture of the border area and the two neighbouring cities: a young, 70 years old Nova Gorica on the Slovenian side, and the over-1000-year-old Italian Gorizia. The red thread of the space is the Soča River, which historically connects this unique space.

In the morning, we meet in Solkan, in the courtyard of the Kayak Canoe Centre Solkan, where experienced and qualified instructors of the adventure park greet you. While you sip you morning coffee or juice and enjoy your croissant on the riverbank of the Soča River, the instructors present you the program. After the welcoming part, you board the raft and accompanied by instructors you cross the emerald Soča River. On the right bank of the river, you enter the Soča Fun Park and under the auspices of the instructors, you face a two-hour adventure among the treetops, overcoming the obstacles in the adventure park at a height of 2 to 10 meters above the ground. At last, you face the unforgettable "descent of courage" – you return to the left bank along a 300 meters long zip-line, 40 meters above the ground.

After the experience, you have a lunch in one of the excellent local restaurants.

After lunch, you take a walk through the more than 1000 years old settlement of Solkan (first mentioned in 1001). During the tour you see the Solkan railway bridge, part of the so-called Bohinj Railway line Jesenice - Nova Gorica. The route of the railway line Nova Gorica – Bled was especially important during the World War I. In that period, the key role in the railway track Trieste – Vienna was played by the Solkan bridge that connects the left and right banks of the Soča River and is the bridge with the largest stone arch in the world (220 meters long).

The next stop is the Kromberk Castle, where you can visit the castle, the park and the castle exhibition. From Kromberk you head towards the young town of Nova Gorica, where you visit Kostanjevica with its monastery, monastic library Stanislav Škrabec, the tomb of the Bourbons dynasty and the monastery garden, where every spring the Bourbon roses flourish.

From Kostanjevica there is a wonderful view of both Nova Gorica and Gorizia. You than descend to the train station and visit the museum "National borders in the Goriška region from 1945 to 2004." You step on the Europe Square, where the celebration at the entry of Slovenia into the European Union was held. The common square has become a new symbol of conurbation of the two towns, as well as a symbol of demarcation elimination and symbol of European integration. At this point you cross the border to arrive to the Italian Gorizia and, you climb up to the medieval Castle of Gorizia, from where a nice view over Gorizia opens.

The tour ends in the afternoon hours, after the visit to Gorizia castle.