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Three-day family adventure

A program for families including a bit for everyone: from playing games and experiencing adventurous activities to discovering local history and natural wonders. A great recipe for an unforgettable weekend.

Soča Fun Park adventure
Bike rental
Places of interest in the border region
Lunch at the mountain lodge
Visit to the museum and the caverns at Mt. Sabotin
Škocjan Caves
Lipica Stud Farm

Adrenalin-pumping adventure in the Soča Fun Park with a 300-metre descent on a wire rope, stretched from the right to the left river bank, 40 metres above the Soča River. Lunch in the fun park or in a nearby restaurant.

After lunch, a guided bike tour of the attractions in the surrounding area (Solkan, the Solkan Bridge, Kromberg castle and museum, the crypt of the Bourbons in the Kostanjevica monastery, Gorizia Castle). Dinner and accommodation at the Sabotin Hotel.

After a hearty breakfast, you will head by bike towards Mt. Sabotin. Your destination will be an old military watchtower on Mt. Sabotin, where a tasty local lunch will be served.

After lunch, a tour of Sabotin in World War I museum collection and memorial room Northern Primorska in 1991 Slovenian Independence War will be organized. This shall be followed by a tour of caverns, whereby you will hear the stories that shaped the history of this area.

On your way back, you will pass the village of Podsabotin and then cross the border between Slovenia and Italy to continue your way on the Italian side of this winegrowing area, the Collio. You will stop in the village of Oslavje to visit a magnificent monument dedicated to the fallen Italian soldiers in the WW1, the Ossuary of Oslavia. From here, the path will lead you to the village of Pevma, where you will cross the Soča river at the Torione bridge to enter Gorizia and continue towards the starting point of your trip in Solkan, where you will end your trip.

You will depart from Nova Gorica and take a 45-km drive through magnificent Kast region to arrive to the Lipica Stud Farm. It is the oldest European stud farm continuously breeding one of the oldest cultural horse breeds. As such, it has a remarkable significance as a cultural, historical and natural heritage for Slovenia and Europe.

After the visit to the stud where you will admire the Lipizzaner horses, you will continue your trip to the 15-km distant Škocjan Caves. They are a unique natural phenomenon, the creation of the Reka River. The Škocjan Caves have featured on UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List since 1986. Among all the world’s karst caves that are invaluable natural heritage, the Škocjan Caves are truly extraordinary. This is not just because of the planet’s largest underground canyon that astonishes every visitor - the Škocjan Caves Park is very recognisable for several reasons. Visitors can get to know the characteristic karst landscape, unique in the world, featuring the highest concentration of natural wonders and/or natural heritage in a single place, in the form of karst or other phenomena and sights. The distinct and highly diverse flora and fauna in this relatively small space add special value to the Park.