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Retracing the Soča Front

Mt. Sabotin, which looms over the Adventure Park that is set up at its foot, is most famous for the fact that its slopes were the backdrop of the legendary Isonzo Front. Today it is a peace park designed to point out the absurdity of war and promote harmony between nations. The itinerary includes a tour of the vast cavern system which brings you to the other side of the hill. Lunch will be available in the mountain lodge in the immediate vicinity of the World War I museum.

Welcome drink
Soča Fun Park adventure
Guided hike to Mt Sabotin
Lunch in the lodge
Tour of the mini museum and caverns

Designed for groups or as a team building, the program is a combination of challenges for overcoming obstacles at the adventure park Soča Fun Park and a hike to the nearby Mt Sabotin. During the tour, you will see the remains of the World War I and hear stories that marked this border area along the Soča River.

In the morning, we meet in Solkan, in the courtyard of the Kayak Canoe Centre Solkan, where experienced and qualified instructors of the adventure park greet you. While you sip you morning coffee or juice and enjoy your croissant on the riverbank of the Soča River, the instructors present you the program. After the welcoming part, you will enter the Soča Fun Park on the right bank of the river Soča. Under the auspices of the instructors, you face a two-hour adventure among the treetops, overcoming the obstacles in the adventure park at a height of 2 to 10 meters above the ground. At last, you face the unforgettable "descent of courage" – you return to the left bank along a 300 meters long zip-line, 40 meters above the ground.

After the adventure, you leave Solkan and head towards Mt. Sabotin, crossing the Solkan bridge on our way. Mt. Sabotin is famous for its role as an important strategic point during the World War I, when Isonzo Front ran over its slopes. The mount is facing the Italian Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, with a fantastic view at the Gulf of Venice.

There are several options available to reach the top of the mountain: hiking over the South trail, North trail or the trail behind the corridor. The final destination of the route is an old military watchtower on Sabotin, where you have lunch. After lunch, Mr. Bogdan, manager of the guardhouse, shows you the museum collection “Sabotin in the World War I” and the memorial room “Northern Primorska in the War for Independence in 1991”. He tells you many stories that take you back to the times of the World War I, on a journey along the Isonzo Front, as Sabotin was one of its key points.
Thanks to its location near Gorizia, at the crossroads of the Vipava Valley, the Soča Valley and the well-known winegrowing region of Goriška brda, it was an important defensive point of the Austro-Hungarian Army. After the 6th Isonzo battle, Sabotin was taken over by the Italian Army. Soldiers from 22 different nations fought on its slopes. Today it is turned into a peace park, with the aim to remind visitors about the absurdity of wars and to encourage the harmony among nations. The entire hill is intertwined with an extensive system of caverns through which you walk from one side of the hill to the other. After visiting the caverns and hearing stories that wrote our history, you head back home.